Handmade Metal Design

About Handmade Metal Design

Our mission and passion at Handmade Metal Design is to create the finest handmade wrought iron and metal furniture and accent pieces.  We will individually craft your custom pieces by hand.  Nothing at Handmade Metal Design is ever mass produced, making each piece a unique work of art.  Handmade Metal Design is where design meets function.

All of our creations are true one-of-a-kind, fully functional pieces of art.  You can even be directly involved in the creation of your piece by choosing the design, color, and finishing.  Handmade Metal Design can build just about anything you can imagine, so we encourage our clients to be creative.

At Handmade Metal Design we take pride in our products as well as our craftsmanship.  Our powder coating finishes are scratch and fade resistant, ensuring that your piece will enhance your home for many years.

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